Racin for Rian fill the Pits and Grandstands at I-35 Speedway

With the much anticipated start to Racin for Rian Night at I-35 Speedway the always exciting E-Modifieds were the first to tackle the smooth fast racing surface. Heat race winner Randy Smith #26j would jump to the early lead and appear to be the car to beat in the early stages of the feature. Jeremiah Asher #02xa would challenge Smith and try both high and low to make the pass to no avail. Just when it appeared no one could best the Smith, Anthony Asher #20xa would use the extreme high line and take the lead and fin victory lane and the $500 pay day on this night of action. John Brown #36j would also get past both Smith and Jeremiah Asher to finish second with Jeremiah Asher third. Justin Asher #74 was in the mix the entire night and would come home forth moving one time leader Smith to fifth. Picking up the Hard Charger award on the night was #319 of Daniel Harris. Other heat race winner of the E-Modifieds was Austin Bouzek #14.

Grand Nationals would charge to the track and see great racing action as Buz Kaster #54 would get the Hard Charger money coming from the back to the front and capture the victory. John Crews 12c was a challenger at the end racing his way to a solid second place finish with heat race winner Austin Johnson #98 third. Bud Wilson #75 would come from the back and notch a fourth place finish with other heat race winner Donnie Brown #26 fifth on the night.

Hobby Stocks were fast and furious as heat race winner Greg Gilbert #23g would set the pace early and lead every lap except the one that mattered. Gilbert would loop his car in turn #4 with only one lap to go and that would allow other heat race winner, Josh Munsen #19, on his first trip to I-35 Speedway, to pick up the win. Munsen would win the feature followed closely by Hard Charger of the race Conner Masoner #47x who would place second. Another newcomer to the track was Ryan Sutter #79 and he would find it to his liking racing his way to a third place finish on the night. Gilbert would recover and drive back to fourth with Tyler Clark #0x Rounding out the night’s top five.

USRA B-Modifieds would take to the track with racing form front to back the entire feature. Heat race winner and pole sitter Ronnie Miller #76 would take the lead early until contact between he and #21c of Chad Clancy would take him from contention. Heat race number two winner Clancy would take over the top spot and race two the checkers winning Racin for Rian night in the B-Mod class for the second consecutive year. Clancy made a nice gesture giving $300 of his winnings back to the cause. Point leader Tim Eaton #211 would move through the pack and place second with “B” Feature winner Gene Claxton picking up the Hard Charger money by finishing fourth. Fifth place on the night would go to #17 of Mike Streigel. Other heat race winners were Randy Ainsworth #57 and Eddie Schwope #91.

USRA Stock Car with $1000 on the line to the winner would see the lead switch several time before the checker were shown. The two heat race winners Dean Wray #77 and Jeff Dixon #88 would again race side by side and wheel to wheel the entire race, never touching with the win undecided until the final lap. When the smoke had cleared Dean Wray would be standing tall in McCarty Auto Group Victory Circle holding Dixon to second. USRA National Point Leader Thomas Roberts #65x would again use poise and consistency notching a solid third place finish. Brett Heeter #05 would work traffic and bring his hot rod home fourth with Jon Boller #20x fifth. Picking up the Hard Charger money on the night was Jason Estes #997 as he would come from last on the field and be challenging for the lead before jumping the cushion in turn #1 and take him from win contention.

USRA Modifieds were high in number and quality all vying for that $1600 pay day. Heat race winner Matt Dotson #88d would take the early lead and hold of the challenge of 2014 Racin for Rian Modified winner Kerry Davis #68. Davis would try to use heat race win momentum and the very low line as the two would battle back and forth for the lead. As the feature continued #3b of Nic Bidinger would start his charge to the front and use the extreme high line to close in on the two leaders. With two laps to go Bidinger would take the lead and race on to the checkers and victory circle.  One time leader Matt Dotson would finish second and Davis third. Hard Charger award would go to fourth place finisher Dennis Elliott #29 who would have trouble in his heat race and have to start tenth row inside of the feature and race his way through the pack. Kyle Covert #7d7 would again have a good night finishing fifth. Other heat race winner was Austin Johnson #98.

I-35 Speedway would like to thank drivers and fans for making this night a great success for a good cause. We would like to thank the Wilson Family for donating two bikes that we gave away during Intermission. Congratulations to bike winners Mia Whitham and Corbin Henning, enjoy those bikes.  See everyone next Saturday night for more “Dirt Trackin at its Best”!!!

Race Results I-35 Speedway Winston, MO 6/20/2015
1. 20xa Anthony Asher
2. 36j John Brown
3. 02xa Jeremiah Asher
4. 74 Justin Asher
5. 26j Randy Smith Jr. (Heat Race Winner)
6. 90 Allie Mulich
7. 81 Jacob Blair
8. 15 Corey Myers
9. 1  Kyle Henning
10.  319 Daniel Harris
11.  14 Austin Bouzek (Heat Race Winner)
12.  31b Robert Fisk
13.  J90 Jorden Dawson
14.  4m Manlee Lamar
15.  63d Duston Talbott
16.  03k Kaelynn Peterman
17.  27 Lee Kenny
18.  05 Derek Carney
Grand National:
1. 54 Buz Kaster
2. 12c John Crews
3. 98 Austin Johnson (Heat Race Winner)
4. 75 Bud Wilson
5. 26 Donnie Brown (Heat Race Winner)
6. 9p Marty Powell
7. 97 Houston Johnson
8. 3 Dale Eaton
Hobby Stock:
1. 19 Joshua Munsen (Heat Race Winner)
2. 47x Conner Masoner
3. 79 Ryan Sutter
4. 23g Greg Gilbert (Heat Race Winner)
5. 0x Tyler Clark
6. 47c John Chip
7. 13x Carson Masoner
8. 34 Mich Ross
9. 22h Tim Hoselton
10.  3r Ryan Wendt
11.  99 Jim Masoner Jr.
USRA B-Modified:
1. 21c Chad Clancy (Heat Race Winner)
2. 5 Dakota Foster
3. 211 Tim Eaton
4. 42 Gene Claxton
5. 17 Mike Striegel
6. 11s Steve Starmer
7. 12 Jeff Stotts
8. 77 Doug Keller
9. 8 Coleman Browning
10.  18k Danan Knott
11.  57 Randy Ainsworth (Heat Race Winner)
12.  24w Tony Manley
13.  95 Mike Nelson
14.  52m Dustin Miller
15.  76 Ronnie Miller (Heat Race Winner)
16.  17xb Bud Wilson
17.  110w Gerald Wahwahsuck
18.  22b Mitch Booher
19.  17c Cullen Thompson
20.  91 Eddie Schwope Jr. (Heat Race Winner)
21.  20x  Chris Wright
22.  17r Ramon Ortega
23.  86 Donnie Miller
24.  96c Jim Cameron
25.  9h Nic Hanes
26.  27s Matt Shipers
27.  31 David Coates
28.  777 Brad Dittemore
USRA Stock Car:
1. 77 Dean Wray (Heat Race Winner)
2. 88 Jeff Dixon (Heat Race Winner)
3. 65x Thomas Roberts
4. 05 Brett Heeter
5. 20x Jon Boller Jr.
6. XX20 Gene Stigall
7. 41 Bruce Fair
8. 997 Jason Estes
9. 04 Chad Walker
10.  74s Adam Swearingin
11.  417 Kevin Anderson
12.  29 Nate Barnes
13.  82m Anthony Robertson
14.  80 Ron Callahan
15.  23i Ronnie Ishmael
16.  36s Holden Schultz
USRA Modified:
1. 3b Nick Bidinger
2. 88d Matt Dotson (Heat Race Winner)
3. 68 Kerry Davis (Heat Race Winner)
4. 29 Dennis Elliott
5. 7d7 Kyle Covert
6. R21 Ryan Schaffer
7. 78 Derrick Hicks
8. 34 Mark Schafman
9. 71 Jim Hopkins
10.  5d Shane Bailey
11.  97 Houston Johnson
12.  26sb Richard Biggs
13.  92p Jim Peeler
14.  2h John Hanson
15.  11 Darren Shaw
16.  69n Cory Wray
17.  38 Anthony Logston
18.  92 Tyler Grooms
19.  69 Zach Sanders
20.  98 Austin Johnson (Heat Race Winner)
21.  15 Don Stark